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Malibu Comics Secret Origins (part two)

malibulogo2In this post, I’m going to begin to go over my personal path to becoming Publisher of Malibu Comics. Maybe others will be able to relate to my personal travails, we’ll see. But first (as they say in the trade) some housekeeping.

This is a good time to remind all readers (and there seems to be a bunch more now than there were a few weeks ago) that Funny Book Fanatic has a standing offer for readers to ask me questions.  I call it “ASK THE DWO” and in the past I’ve managed to answer some interesting questions about: comic characters with fur, the Comics Code Authority and Dale Keown’s work at Aircel Comics. If you want some tips about what you might ask me, check out the Background page.askthedwo

There are also a lot of activities for fanatics visiting here, especially if you page down, reading all the cool stuff in the right hand sidebar.

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Comic Book Time Capsule: January 1989

***** Apparently my abilities as a Jedi-blog-master are lacking. Due to the heavy use of graphics and the erratic use of text, this particular Fanatic post is going to look wildly different from one computer to the next. Sorry. I promise to do better next time. — DWO *****

funnybookfanaticlogoCovers from comics released by publishers other than Marvel and DC from twenty (20) years ago today. What were you doing twenty years ago, other than buying and reading these fine examples of funny book fanaticism.

In no particular order, all were released in January 1989. (if my research hasn’t failed me again) And don’t forget to click the VOTE FOR ME button right there —–> Continue reading


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Miscellaneous Monday: Jan. 26, 2009

funnybookfanaticlogoWow … is it Miscellaneous Monday already? Time flies when you’re a funny book fanatic. First I’ve got some blatant self-plugging to do. To begin with, you may have noticed a “Vote for me” button just above my lovely picture in the sidebar. Please click it. You can vote for FUNNY BOOK FANATIC once a day. They tell me it increases my “ratings” in the blogosphere … and I’m all about competition. Next, be sure to e-mail your friends and neighbors about how cool this blog is (it is…isn’t it?) and last but not least, I’m up for any proposed link exchanges, just let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.



What comic book stalwart has worked ON-STAFF at all the following companies: Creation Conventions, Marvel Comics, Comico, Dark Horse, Oni Press and DC Comics? Yeah, okay, another easy one … but for those that know the answer, you already understand my ulterior motive. Continue reading


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The secret origin of Malibu Comics (part one)

As many of you are aware, I was the founding publisher of Malibu Comics. I was there for Day One and had every intention and desire to work there the rest of my life. Circumstances conspired against me (and mistakes were made) and now I write this fanatic blog.


Malibu Comics was born during the black-and-white bust, the comic market downturn that followed the black-and-white boom. The beginning of the black-and-white boom is usually measured (people measure these things?) from the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 in May 1984. With an original print run of only 3,000 copies, TMNT #1 grabbed the attention and imagination of comic readers and collectors. One site I read, said the appeal to a wide range of existing comic fans was intentional: Teenage (Teen Titans), Mutant (X-men) and Ninja (Daredevil). Wikipedia claims that TMNT was a parody of Miller’s Ronin. Continue reading


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Artist Brent Anderson, Shanna, $30 and an elevator

I had breakfast with Marv Wolfman this morning (no fanatic fear of name-dropping here) and he mentioned he was working on a project with Astro City artist Brent Anderson and it reminded me that I needed to post the following story.

Alex Ross Cover to Busiek/Anderson ASTRO CITY

Alex Ross Cover to Busiek/Anderson ASTRO CITY

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a San Diego hotel during Comic Con International sometime in 1989 or 1990. After a long day of pressing the flesh and manning the Malibu booth, I was exhausted, standing in a small crowd, waiting to take an elevator to my room. Then I saw him, comics veteran artist Brent Anderson approaching where I stood. Immediately the “small voice” of guilt started to nag at the back of my brain. I couldn’t avoid him any longer. I was going to have to DEAL with Brent Anderson.

To understand my dilemma, dear fanatic reader, you’re going to need some background. (Sorry, I just channeled Stan Lee’s Soapbox there for a second.) Continue reading


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