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Alan Moore isn’t Obama’s official biographer. Don’t you wish he were.


Alan Moore at a party

A Funny Book Fanatic can dream can’t he?

And so can the humor dudes in Wisconsin.

From the “too good not to pass along file” comes the following story from America’s finest daily humor source, The Onion.

Click on the graphic below to read the whole “story.”

Onion headline


Consider this an official Funny Book Fanatic plug. Read my blog first (just in case I update it more often … sorry about that regular readers!) then go directly to read The Onion, which is full of great stuff every day and often makes extremely funny comic book references.

Too bad Moore would probably never let Vertigo publish this non-existent biography. But it is good for a “mass media meets geek” inside-joke giggle nonetheless.

That’s my version of the story.

— Dave Olbrich (DWO) Tue. Nov. 4, 2009


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Miscellaneous Monday: Jan. 12, 2009

No need for delay, let’s jump right into our Monday fanatical bunch o’ stuff.

Romita Sr.'s first Spidey cover (notice the Code Authority Stamp OVER the logo)

Romita Sr.'s first Spidey cover (notice the Code Authority Stamp OVER the logo)


Okay, maybe I’ve been making these quiz questions too difficult for the average fanatic reader, so here is a slam-dunk gimme for almost all of you. From issue #39 of Amazing Spider-Man until issue #147 (a 109 issue span), John Romita Sr provided the cover art for 83% of the issues. Who was the ONLY other artist to provide Amazing Spider-Man cover art during that time? Don’t shout out the answers, put your hands down, write your answer in the comment section and maybe include a personal note about this comics legend.  Continue reading


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A (Walter Simonson) lesson for our times

Listening to President Elect Barack Obama talk about his desire to change the way politics work in this country, I began thinking about my first encounter with comic writer/artist Walter Simonson.

simonsonposter2Obama says (and I believe him) that he wants to change to the past political strategies of division and fear mongering with a civil discussion, a sense of civic duty and a lot of common sense. (Okay, I’m paraphrasing a bit.) How this relates to Walter Simonson will be revealed, but first a little background.

By fall of 1983, I was working for Fantagraphics Books, serving as the managing editor of a black-and-white fan magazine called Amazing Heroes. It was my second job after graduating from UW-La Crosse in December 1982. I had moved from Wisconsin to Connecticut to take the job. As some of you may remember, Fantagraphics Books is the home of The Comics Journal.

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