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Miscellaneous Monday: Jan. 12, 2009

No need for delay, let’s jump right into our Monday fanatical bunch o’ stuff.

Romita Sr.'s first Spidey cover (notice the Code Authority Stamp OVER the logo)

Romita Sr.'s first Spidey cover (notice the Code Authority Stamp OVER the logo)


Okay, maybe I’ve been making these quiz questions too difficult for the average fanatic reader, so here is a slam-dunk gimme for almost all of you. From issue #39 of Amazing Spider-Man until issue #147 (a 109 issue span), John Romita Sr provided the cover art for 83% of the issues. Who was the ONLY other artist to provide Amazing Spider-Man cover art during that time? Don’t shout out the answers, put your hands down, write your answer in the comment section and maybe include a personal note about this comics legend.  Continue reading



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Eight great JOHN ROMITA Sr. covers … plus Ask the DWO!


askthedwoIt’s that time again. Casa de Olbrich opens up its library of vast (and sometimes useless) knowledge to the masses. Sort of like “Big Block of Cheese Day” on TV’s West Wing. Here is your chance to ask me that question you’ve always wanted answered. If you’re stumped about what I might know, check out the Background page for a laundry list of my interests and experience (minus my various drinking mishaps). Just put your question in the comments section below.

And now … on with the show … pull up a bar stool for a walk down a 35-year-old memory lane. Continue reading


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Thanks to the annoying kid in the front of the room

Okay, the title of this post is a vicious and unnecessary potshot at someone I like. But it is my blog, so sue me.

classroomEveryone knows the kid I’m talking about. The one that sits at the front of the classroom and is the first one to put his hand up when the teacher asks a question. Well, in the blog business, people visit but don’t want to go on the record and comment, so  THANK YOU so much for the kid in the front of the room. Thanks to Paul for posting yet another question in my little experiment called ASK THE DWO

codesealPaul asks …

What was the deal with that “Comics Code Authority” stamp on the cover of all my comics from the 1970s … the one we don’t see any more. Was there really an authority, a board of wise philosopher kings that reviewed every book and then put a stamp on it, or was it just some graphic they slapped on the cover without any actual oversite?

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