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MARVEL’s Black Widow, Thundra, Deathlok and more Gene Colan Project


Strap in. I’m back. If you need an explanation, that’s fine. But be careful what you ask for. I’m going to do this is the dreaded ask yourself a question and answer it format that is so annoying when you see someone do it live. It may even be more annoying when you see it in print.

Dave Olbrich (me) San Diego 2009

Dave Olbrich (me) San Diego 2009

Am I glad that I quit smoking? Yes, of course I am.

Was it easy? No, it wasn’t easy. I used comfort food to make up the lack of nicotine, but I did it cold turkey. And I gained about 18 pounds. 

Am I glad that I started Weight Watchers about three weeks ago? Yes, I’ve lost 12 of the 18 pounds that I gained, but it completely wrecked me in ways that I didn’t expect. My mood has been really REALLY crappy. It is now very difficult to work in my office where I enjoyed my cigarettes and chocolate. 

What am I doing to turn things around? Exercise seems to help a little, releasing much needed endorphins. Time used for exercise also leaves less time for this fanatical blog. Continue reading



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Klaus Janson in the house … and Ask The DWO!

In response to the little bit of internet love that I gave to Man-Bull in my last (Dec. 8th) Miscellaneous Monday, the one-and-only comics master Klaus Janson found this modest, but fanatic blog and posted the following comment,


Jungle Action #13: Janson's first cover?

Guys-DD#129 was not the first cover I inked at Marvel! I happen to be cleaning out my workspace and came across Jungle Action #13 from January 1975 which has a cover penciled by Gil Kane and inked by me. So that predates the DD cover by a good year or so. Not sure if the Jungle Action cover was the first cover I ever inked but it might be. Good times!

I’ve always been a huge Klaus Janson fan and I’m pleased and humbled that he stumbled across my blog and posted a comment. Thanks for clearing up the erroneous information that I had taken from an unreliable source (Ebay). As they say, Ebay “buyers beware.” Continue reading


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