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Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in JONNY QUEST … or not?

Jonny-quest-logoBefore we get to the news story (well comics/movies/animation news anyway) that has been jerking me around so bad that I’ve got whiplash, we need to cover a few housekeeping chores here first.

1. Don’t forget … if you’re reading this blog and you want me to answer a question that you might have about comic books, especially behind the scenes stories that may have occured since I went professional in 1982 … ASK! We’ve even given this special fanatic feature a name and its own logo. This is your chance to ASK THE DWO. If you’re curious about me and what I might have some intimate knowledge of … check out the BACKGROUND page.askthedwo2

2. Vote for me. Immediately below the “Calendar” and the “Contact the DWO” headers in the right-hand, there is a little blue box that says “Vote for me.” While I admit that I don’t know exactly what this does, apparently the slaves rowing in the galley of the internet get an extra bowl of gruel if you vote regularly. Continue reading



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Miscellaneous Monday: Dec. 15, 2008

Let’s start today’s MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY with something not associated with comic books.

FOUND ON THE INTERNET: Best Funny Wedding Viral Video

This new classic viral video is probably the best one I’ve ever seen. I cannot vouch for it, but it doesn’t look fake to  me. If you’ve already seen it, forgive me. If you haven’t, in my  opinion, you’re in for a real treat.



Be sure to visit the 2nd STRING HALL OF FAME page and vote for this month’s nominees. Or you could just visit the voting booth on the sidebar of Continue reading

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