Furry Fanatics of Fame

askthedwo1In response to my ASK THE DWO post yesterday, there was an interesting question that will be answered here, but it also brings up another question which I’m going need some help with from the FANATICAL readers here.

PAUL asks …

“When does hair become fur? I mean, what is the dividing line? Is it just a species thing, or can you find hair and fur on the same creature?”

DWO answers …

There seems to be a lot of difference of opinion on this one, but as best as my research can uncover there is no scientific difference. The Inhuman’s Medusa has hair, the X-Men’s Beast has fur. One definition I found said:


Furry Beast: Avengers #136

“Surprisingly enough, there is no actual difference between hair and fur. Though unique to mammals, hair and fur are chemically indistinguishable and are made of keratin, giving them the same chemical make-up as skin, feathers, and nails.”

Another said,” Fur is a body hair of any non-human mammal.”

My research also turned up some nut-ball who said that while cats and dogs have fur on their bodies, their eyelashes and whiskers are actually hair.

So my answers is … well make up your own answer … it seems that no one can prove you wrong with any level of authority.

beastboyInterestingly, as I go through my memory banks and try not to cheat too much, there are a lot more Marvel characters with fur than there is at DC Comics (if you exclude the huge number of DC gorilla characters, which I guess might not be fair). Marvel has Beast, Tigra, Puma, Wendigo, Sabretooth (sometimes, sometimes not), Man-Bull, Rocket Raccoon, plus lots of various victims of the High Evolutionary in Wundagore.

DC Comics has Man-Bat, Beast Boy (sort of), Vixen and various gorillas. Can I get some help with this one.

Fanatic assignment of the day: Name DC Comics characters with fur (and real animals like Kryto don’t count).

My favorite answer to your question Paul is this:

Dogs and cats: If it’s where it belongs (on the animal), it’s
fur; if it’s where it doesn’t belong (on your black slacks), it’s hair.

Humans: If it’s where it belongs (on the top of your head),
it’s hair; if it’s where it doesn’t belong (on your back), it’s fur.”




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3 responses to “Furry Fanatics of Fame

  1. “Fanatic assignment of the day: Name DC Comics characters with fur (and real animals like Kryto don’t count).”

    Annataz tuoba woh?

  2. starseedjenny

    What I’ve learned is that if it gets shed, it’s fur. If it’s not shed, it’s hair.

    Most animals have fur and shed all over the dang place. My shih tzu, on the other hand, has hair (kind of like people?) and while some falls out, just like with humans, he doesn’t shed.

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