Let’s play “Ask the DWO”!

I am not saying, let me repeat, NOT SAYING that this is actually a good idea. I’m saying that I think it might be a good idea. I’m saying that other people that I respect (hey there T.K.) think this is a good idea. Here is the idea … take a minute out of your Fanatic Friday and ask me something. Ask me anything.

askthedwoThis probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, there is a lot of stuff I don’t know. In all fairness to my enormous fanatical ego, there is also a ton of stuff I do know. Useful stuff. Surprising stuff. I know some facts. I know a lot of people who can provide me with the facts that I don’t know. Plus, I have a lot of opinions. Not just any old uninformed, tavern swill, beer goggle, Fox News(?) Channel opinion. I have “been there … done that” opinions.  Despite any claims by my friends to the contrary, I’m also reasonably thoughtful and reasonably … well … reasonable.

Let’s see … what can you ask me about?

• I grew up in Southern Minnesota with three real sisters and five foster sisters, no brothers.

• I grew up on a farm (or farmland) … see you could ask me what that means.

• I lived six miles from the nearest town, Claremont (population 520 or so).

• Television and comics were my early companions. Wild, Wild West, Saturday morning cartoons, the John Steed/Emma Peel Avengers, Kolchak the Night Stalker.

vikings• Played and loved high school football … remain a rabid NFL fan … go Vikings.

• Watching pro wrestling was the most compelling reason to miss church on Sunday.

• I’ve been to at least 3 Wrestlemanias

• Went to college in La Crosse, Wisconsin when the drinking age was 18.

• Managed, but didn’t own a comic book store in La Crosse

• Worked for Fantagaphics Books for two years, one in Connecticut, one in California.

• Served as the founding publisher at Malibu Comics from 1986 to 1995

• Administered the Jack Kirby Awards, founded and administered the Will Eisner Awards

• Edited and published the first business magazine for the comics industry

doggcardfbf• founded DoggWorks (with Gary Guzzo) an agency for comic writers and artitsts

• worked briefly for Marvel Comics, including when Marvel bought Heroes World

• served as Director of US Publishing for Humanoids Publishing

• currently a partner in The Pack, comic packaging company

Oh, yeah, as I was the contract architect and administrator for my entire career at Malibu Comics, I LOVE questions about the terms of comic book contracts.

* * * * * * * *

The DWO, alias Davey Two Beers

The DWO enjoys a beer

What is a DWO?

Obviously it is my initials, David Wesley Olbrich. Back in my days at Fantagraphics Books, I took to putting my initials at the bottom of notes and memos. My co-workers decided that they liked the sound of the three letters pronounced as if it were actually a word. It is a nickname that I’ve lived with for 25 years. As nicknames go, I could do a lot worse. There are probably people in my circle of acquaintances that only know me as DWO and couldn’t swear confidently that my first name is Dave.

* * * * * * * *

Answer to the Miscellaneous Monday Fanatic Quiz

The book pictured this past Monday was Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves, often better known as X-Thieves and the publishing company was Comics Interview. The company publisher was writer/editor David cinterview51Anthony Kraft. Officially the company that published Comics Interview was Fictioneer Books. He was a multi-talented Georgia native who had a very distinctive run as writer of Marvel’s Defenders and has the distinction of scripting the very first story drawn by John Byrne for Marvel Comics: “Dark Asylum,” published in Giant-Size Dracula #5 (June 1975). In 1983, Kraft founded Comics Interview magazine which ran for 150 issues between 1983 and 1995



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4 responses to “Let’s play “Ask the DWO”!

  1. Dwo … I gotta know!

    When does hair become fur? I mean, what is the dividing line? Is it just a species thing, or can you find hair and fur on the same creature?

    And also … what was the deal with that “Comics Code Authority” stamp on the cover of all my comics from the 1970s … the one we don’t see any more. Was there really an authority, a board of wise philosopher kings that reviewed every book and then put a stamp on it, or was it just some graphic they slapped on the cover without any actual oversite?

    But most important — when does hair become fur?

  2. Tom Mason

    Hey Dwo – you forgot to mention the most important part of “The History of the Dwo.” The DWO nickname was actually given to you by Mr. Tom Heintjes (now the editor of “Hogan’s Alley”).

  3. Dave Olbrich

    yeah, I wasn’t 100% sure it was Tom Heintjes to make responsible. But I think you are correct.

  4. Hell yeah, I christened DWO–props to Tom Mason for his recall! (And I don’t approve of the “The” preceding it…you’re just DWO.) A minor footnote relating to another former Fantagraphics colleague…remember the babelicious Linda Gorrell? I also nicknamed her “Inez.” Bonus points for anyone who remembers how she got tagged “Inez.”

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