When you research Jack Kirby . . .

Nothing long and exciting today, but as I was doing my modest amount of research for my Jack Kirby story yesterday, I found some pretty terrific stuff that it just didn’t seem right to keep to myself.

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kirbyevanierbookThis over-sized book is called Kirby: King of Comics and it is written by Mark Evanier. Mark was once a Kirby assistant, but he is also one of the most knowledgeable jack-of-all-trades running around the comics and entertainment business. Mark is the regular collaborator with Sergio Aragones on Groo and also the late, lamented Malibu’s Mighty Magnor. His credits are far too many to mention here (yep, DNAgents, too). This book is truly amazing and I got my autographed copy from Mr. Evanier himself at the 2008 Wizard World Los Angeles. A must-have item for any self-respecting comics bookshelf.

Buy yours here. Kirby: King of Comics 

Plus, I heartily recommend one of the blogs I check every day without fail, the one written by Mark Evanier called Newsfromme. It is a great mix of the junk in Mark’s head, politics, entertainment, old television, animation and other interesting miscellaneous stuff. 

* * * * * * * *

There is an on-line museum dedicated to Jack Kirby called The Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center which is an amazing resource of all things Jack Kirby including great stories, great links and incredible photos. It truly has to be seen to be believed. Check out this story: (quoting from the Kirby Museum website:


Paul McCartney with Jack Kirby in Los Angeles in 1976. • Photographs provided by Lisa Kirby. • Copyright © 2008 Jack Kirby Estate.

Paul McCartney with Jack Kirby in Los Angeles in 1976. • Photographs provided by Lisa Kirby. • Copyright © 2008 Jack Kirby Estate.

Brothers Steve and Gary Sherman arranged for Jack Kirby to meet the band (Wings) backstage, where Kirby presented McCartney with (a) pencil drawing. McCartney dedicated that night’s performance of the song (“Magneto and Titanium Man“) to Kirby, who, along with wife Roz, daughter Lisa and the Sherman brothers, were given complimentary nearly-front row tickets.” It was great to be King.

The Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center. Go there now. Go there often.

* * * * * * * *

And last but not least, I found a five-minute YouTube interview with Jack Kirby from a “long out-of-print” documentary. Your host, science fiction author and comic aficionado Harlan Ellison. It is richly illustrated and well-worth your time. More than anything, it is just great to hear Jack’s voice and see his face and listen to him talk about his work.


* * * * * * * *

And to round out your visit to FUNNY BOOK FANATIC today, be sure to check out the new entry on our MEMORY LANE page, which specializes in oddities and other curious items.

And let me encourage all the visitors here to post comments and begin a FANATICAL discussion of the wild and interesting stuff that you find here. Come on gang, SOUND OFF!          –DWO



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2 responses to “When you research Jack Kirby . . .

  1. I really enjoyed Evanier’s Kirby book. I loaned it to the Ulm and haven’t seen it since … I wish I could brand him a book thief but it really isn’t true, and besides that he loaned me his big hardback Marvel Omnibus Fantastic Four #2, which is right here on my desk, ready for me to read when I’m primed for more Kirby goodness. I might first have to finish the last two volumes of the New Gods stuff that I bought at Comicon, though …

  2. Chris Ulm

    Great post, Dwo! Love the blog.

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