MEGAN FOX: Perhaps the best looking Funny Book Fanatic EVER!

I wasn’t a fan of Megan Fox … but I’m seriously considering changing my mind. It isn’t due to peer pressure. It didn’t have anything to do with the attractive pictures that were taken of her while she was partially clothed (not that there is anything wrong with that). It is due to the following segment on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!

Watch the whole thing. It will take a minute or two, but eventually the discussion turns directly toward subject matter of significant interest to Funny Book Fanatics (after all … that’s why you’re here dear reader … right?) I think you’ll agree with me and be converted to the Megan Fox bandwagon. I suspect that this is the beginning of many more posts on this subject.

My daughter, Maggie, and I saw young Megan Fox on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. We were deconstructing her appeal based on the information we had at the time. While we both were pleasantly surprised by the first Transformers movie, it didn’t really have anything to do with Megan. We decided that her problem was a lack of obvious personality. While she was nice to look at … her appeal seemed to end right there. “She’s too … well … generic,” Maggie said. I agreed. We suspected that men were attracted to her in a Barbie doll sort of way, not in a cool-girl-to-hang-and-talk-with sort of way.

Megan Fox shows more personality in these few minutes with Kimmel than she did the entire length of Transformers I.

I blame her publicity people. If she really is as cool as she appears in this Kimmel segment, she needs to find more ways to show it. Not being a regular viewer of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (even though I like the guy) and not being a fan of Megan Fox (at least until recently) I would never have seen this clip without the help of acquaintance/artist/Facebook friend Joyce Chin. So thanks Joyce.

I’m sorry Megan! I take it all back. And I’ll even have a talk with Maggie.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just in case you haven’t heard this rumor (it is about sixty days old at this point), CLICK on the picture and it will take you to a page detailing even more ties … both real and rumored … between Hollywood’s hottest (both in career momentum and physical beauty) actress and the wonderful world of funny books.

CLICK on the picture for more Megan meets Comics news!

CLICK on the picture for more Megan meets Comics news!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Artist Steven Butler, Writer Roland Mann and ME!

Artist Steven Butler, Writer Roland Mann and ME!

Thanks to Roland Mann for this photographic trip down memory lane.

That’s my version of the story.

— Dave Olbrich (DWO) Sat. June 27, 2009



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11 responses to “MEGAN FOX: Perhaps the best looking Funny Book Fanatic EVER!

  1. Wow! that’s a Mullet-tastic photo, where’s Mitch Byrd at?

  2. Mak Herr

    Very cool. And very nice to see a new post here, Dave.

  3. Well, she’s no Melissa Francis. You can tell whatever agency is handling Megan Fox that they’re trying to position her using the standard “bad girl is really a good girl” paradigm: bad girl photo shoots that reveal everything but Munchkinland and good girl talk show talking points all about her lame high school job and her peace-love-and-understanding sing-a-longs at vacation bible camp.

    Nice photo too. I think Jeff Foxworthy’s audience would like their hairstyles back. I dig the Top Gun knock-off “action specs” that you’re wearing, but why is Roland wearing Hobbit ears?

  4. I enjoyed the part of the interview where she talked about being a comic artist (although I wonder if it was a set piece to show that sketch, which I’m going to guess she didn’t really draw). But am I the only one a little creeped out by Jim Kimmel’s dwelling on the guy who missed out on kissing her when she was ten and he was 15?

    Welcome back; been too busy watching CNBC to blog?


  5. õh my GoDe!” <– i even spelled it worng lol I'm so amazed. I have always thought her a a hot girl… just the hot girl in Transformers…

    She is really cool, huh?! I think I was jealous of her beauty, now I'm jealous of her looks and her cool drawings xD

    yeah, you made me change my Megan Fox opinion ^^'''

  6. What a concidence because I was trying to find more personal opinions on this issue today when I found your really interesting article…thanks a lot for writing this. I will definitely be checking up on your blog and coming back for more.BTW since when have you been keeping a blog? :)

  7. Dave Olbrich

    Welcome to the party “Megan.” If this is really you … welcome. If it is someone else who isn’t actually Megan Fox, well … welcome to you as well.

    I started my blog with a rush of enthusiasm and regular posts in November 2008. My time and opportunity to update have been very limited lately … resulting in a lot fewer posts and updates. I hope to fix that soon.

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