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Prime-time, All-Pro Norm Breyfogle

Once you’ve seen the character PRIME drawn by artist Norm Breyfogle, it is difficult to think of anyone else doing it. If you’ve seen anyone else try, you were struck by two things (1) either the artist tried to capture the magic that Breyfogle put into the character (and usually they only came close) or (2) it just didn’t look right at all.bf1

There was something about Breyfogle’s approach to the character that was perfect. Let me repeat, not good, not great, but perfect was the matching of Breyfogle with this character that was both new but also resonated with many classic comic characters that had come before.

If you read the post below, you know that I flew to England during the formative stages of the ULTRAVERSE launch, to ask Alan Davis to be the penciller for one of the first books we were planning to release, PRIME. To which, he announced his pending retirement to focus on being a Boy Scout leader. I flew home to California having failed in my mission.

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