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Klaus Janson in the house … and Ask The DWO!

In response to the little bit of internet love that I gave to Man-Bull in my last (Dec. 8th) Miscellaneous Monday, the one-and-only comics master Klaus Janson found this modest, but fanatic blog and posted the following comment,


Jungle Action #13: Janson's first cover?

Guys-DD#129 was not the first cover I inked at Marvel! I happen to be cleaning out my workspace and came across Jungle Action #13 from January 1975 which has a cover penciled by Gil Kane and inked by me. So that predates the DD cover by a good year or so. Not sure if the Jungle Action cover was the first cover I ever inked but it might be. Good times!

I’ve always been a huge Klaus Janson fan and I’m pleased and humbled that he stumbled across my blog and posted a comment. Thanks for clearing up the erroneous information that I had taken from an unreliable source (Ebay). As they say, Ebay “buyers beware.” Continue reading



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