NFL SuperPro Super Bowl apologies

For those of you that showed up here expecting this week’s installment of Miscellaneous Monday, I beg forgiveness. I’m blaming the big game. I’m blaming being bloated on Super Bowl food. I’m blaming spending Sunday night with my family (wow, was Big Love great tonight, or what?).

So while I’m preparing the next post, enjoy this distraction from 1991-1992. A forgettable misstep from the minds at mighty Marvel. Unfortunately during that time period this was typical of the kind of lame effort that Marvel specifically put into their licensed books. Friend and writer Fabian Nicieza‘s career even recovered from writing this stinker, which one website claimed was the worst 12 issues ever. Look, I’m not going to argue, but that isn’t remotely true.



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2 responses to “NFL SuperPro Super Bowl apologies

  1. If nothing else that painted cover is REALLY nice! LOL

  2. Oh, yeah……..WAY TO GO, STEELERS!!!!!

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