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Artist Gene Day, a MASTER lost much too early

Every year I go to Lake Havasu City, Arizona with my wife to visit her parents. Contrary to the stereotype, I really like and enjoy this trip. As you’re reading this, I’m driving back to my hacienda in Southern California, listening to Howard Stern on my Sirius Satellite Radio. If you’ve come expecting Miscellaneous Monday, unfortunately (for the 2nd time in three weeks) I have to apologize. My big silly fanatic Miscellaneous post won’t be ready until Wednesday. 

This page and post may take some serious time to “load” today because I’ve decided to remind everyone one of the reasons to REALLY love Marvel’s MASTER OF KUNG FU title. It had good times and it had weaker times, but one of the highlights was the emergence of inker Gene Day as a penciller of extraordinary talent and storytelling ability. Just oogle these pages … see the power … the innovation … the attention to detail … the superb panel-to-panel continuity. Gene Day died in his sleep in September 1982, he never reached his 32nd birthday. What a colossal lose. Continue reading



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