Miscellaneous Monday: Jan. 12, 2009

No need for delay, let’s jump right into our Monday fanatical bunch o’ stuff.

Romita Sr.'s first Spidey cover (notice the Code Authority Stamp OVER the logo)

Romita Sr.'s first Spidey cover (notice the Code Authority Stamp OVER the logo)


Okay, maybe I’ve been making these quiz questions too difficult for the average fanatic reader, so here is a slam-dunk gimme for almost all of you. From issue #39 of Amazing Spider-Man until issue #147 (a 109 issue span), John Romita Sr provided the cover art for 83% of the issues. Who was the ONLY other artist to provide Amazing Spider-Man cover art during that time? Don’t shout out the answers, put your hands down, write your answer in the comment section and maybe include a personal note about this comics legend. 



The quiz from last week asked you to put a select list of First Comics titles in the oder that they were first released from First Comics.

First's E-man #1 cover by Joe Staton

First's E-man #1 cover by Joe Staton

1. E-man (April 1983)

2. Jon Sable, Freelance (June 1983)

3. American Flagg! (October 1983)

4. Mars (Jan. 1984)

5. GrimJack (Aug. 1984)

6. Evangeline (May 1987)

It might have been easy to get Evangeline out of order, because it was published much earlier by Comico and got picked up by First Comics after its Comico run.



Dial B for Blog


If you have not seen this comic blog site yet, prepared to be BLOWN AWAY. This is a stunning achievement. It dips deep into the history of comics with (sometimes overly) generous graphics, illustrations and background information. The design is simple, inspired, easy-to-read and elegant. Creating a world unto itself, the author uses the pseudonym Robby Reed, the original lead character in DC’s Dial H for Hero series. “Robby” also creates a lot of delightful custom retro-graphics which will surprise and amuse. If you’re reading this, you are already a funny book fanatic … so you owe it to yourself to visit this site … often.



The radical right takes aim on comic books. Using the recent press release about the appearance by president-elect Barack Obama in the pages of Spider-Man as a jumping off point, a writer at the Christian Science Monitor makes a weak and non-commital point about the political leaning of comic books. The story quotes Quesada and ends with a quote claiming that “comic book politics are often very incoherent, and hard to interpret as nakedly partisan.” 

The news story from Marjorie Kehe at the The Christian Science Monitor who poses the question, “Do comic books lean left?” CLICK HERE!

Newsbusters’ nutball follows up with “Even Comic Books Crawling with Pro-Obama Bias?” CLICK HERE!

The release of the Thomas Jane Punisher movie got this right wing-nut to attack Garth Ennis. CLICK HERE!

This blog is called Funny Book Fanatic, and thus isn’t intended to make political points. Let’s just pause for a second, however, and remember what the world was like the last time the extreme right side of the political spectrum fell out of popular favor. They are an angry, angry, self-righteous bunch.

Drew Friedman, the author of The Fun Never Stops, Old Jewish Comedians, and More Old Jewish Comedians, sent VANITY FAIR the following visual comment. It is entitled "No Joke." Copyright © 2008 Drew Friedman

Drew Friedman, the author of The Fun Never Stops, Old Jewish Comedians, and More Old Jewish Comedians, sent VANITY FAIR the following visual comment. It is entitled "No Joke." Copyright © 2008 Drew Friedman


The half-truths and lies that they both tell and believe within their narrow spectrum of knowledge and understanding were outrageously divisive and destructive. It looks like we’re in for four years of scorched-earth, sore-loser conservative mania. Look for the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Coulters and Fox-News-following lunatics of the world to turn up the heat and the volume. 

It will be fascinating to watch how low they are willing to stoop to try to regain power, support, popularity and credibility. Let’s hope that getting people to forget the George W. Bush presidency will be a harder task than the neo-con’s currently imagine. 



Find a Comics Store close to you with The Master List

This website makes a serious attempt to make it easy to find comic book stores. This is certainly a worthwhile goal and a valiant attempt is made here, but just a quick perusal found an obvious omission of one of my favorite local, well-established stores. But don’t let that stop you from checking it out. And if you’re really inspired, the Master List is happy to get verified additions to its list to help other buyer/collectors.



Dean Mullaney


Fellow Fanatic and former Malibu business partner Tom Mason (you can see his comments here on a regular basis), has completed a new and very cool interview with comics industry pioneer Dean Mullaney at Comix 411. If you’re interested in what Dean has been up to lately, including some great hardcover books at IDW Publishing, check it out.



Voting in the 2nd round of the 2nd String Character Hall of Fame competition has already begun. Use the “voting box” in the sidebar of this page. The alternative is to go the page set aside for our fanatical contest above.


WATCHMEN & NARUTO TAKE FOUR OF TOP FIVE SPOTS in BookScan’s Top Graphic Novels For December 2008absolute_watchmen-489dc

(Rank•Title•Author•Publisher•Publication Date)



3. WATCHMEN HC • ALAN MOORE • DC • 11/1/08



(courtesy of ICv2.com) 

Check out the entire top 20 HERE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

FUNNY BOOK FANATIC is proud and happy to get blog references from Condron.us      

 — Dave Olbrich (DWO) Mon. Jan. 12, 2009



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9 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday: Jan. 12, 2009

  1. thanks for good sharing….

  2. Dave Olbrich

    Thanks for coming by. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi

    I am 40 years old and when I see pictures like this I go,,,,,, smack , 30 years back in time, back to my boy-room in Kalmar. It is nice to time-travel somethimes.

  4. The only other artist besides Romita on Amazing Spider-Man from 39 to 147?

    Off the top of my head, wouldn’t it have to be Gil Kane? I know Gil Kane drew quite a few Spidey covers. Some of them were inked by Romita and may have looked more like him than Kane.

  5. What a coincidence–you mentioned Dean Mullaney today and I put a letter on Giant Size Marvel that Dean wrote about Giant-Size Man Thing.

    I really enjoyed reading that interview with Dean, thanks for that.

    At that time, it seemed like Eclipse could no wrong. DNAgents, Airboy, Valkyrie, Miracleman, Destroyer Duck, Zot, etc. I thought they would be around forever. I miss them and First Comics as well.

  6. I would have to say Gil Kane. I’m fairly sure he drew the famous “Drug issue” covers and pencils. Don’t know the statz but I’m sure he takes the prize for most covers drawn – he pops up everywhere in the 70’s.

    I always enjoyed his work but seeing the actual pages for “The Edge” from Bravura, I was pretty amazed.

  7. This might show my age, but I was introduced to Gil Kane’s work via his strip, ‘Savage!’ from the Anything Goes comic back when. His stuff has the sensibilities of a supremely experienced architect with a passion for engineering. He would HAVE to make the short list of greatest comic book artists of ALL time.

    And if the Punisher were a nation, he would be as neo-con as they come. I believe Ennis himself said as much in an interview somewhere.

  8. Edd "neo-con" Fear

    Nice dig at the right, Mr. DWO. At least you were kind enough to ask us to “pause for a second.”

    And as one of your closest, dearest right-wing fundamentalist conservative Christian friends, I’ll pause for a second second before taking the time to point out you’re blowing harder than a West Texas tornado through a trailer park. Well, I guess I won’t point out anything. I just wanted to get that metaphor out of my head before something else that involved “blowing harder” came out.

    As one of the “angry, angry, self-righteous bunch,” I just gotta say…I LOVE YA, MAN! At least I know where you’re coming from.

  9. Dave Olbrich

    Edd –
    Yep, but it is our differences that make it fun, right?

    I don’t consider you “extreme” and I don’t think you think you are either.

    We’re buds. Its true. I know how you feel about this stuff and while I don’t begin to understand it, I respect you and I believe you’re coming from a good place.

    Thanks for posting a comment.

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