IRON MAN 2 update including Johansson in a Black Widow suit

In a recent post, I discussed the amazing work done by Diamond Comic Distributors Elissa Lynch (and Leslie Jackson) as she successfully got Hugh Jackman to record a PSA promoting Free Comic Book Day and comics in general. (CLICK HERE) Thanks to links from many of the comic blogosphere’s best read sites, more people came to Funny Book Fanatic to check out the “story behind the story,” nearly four times more than on any usual day. I want to take this opportunity to thank …

heidi.beat.21) Heidi MacDonald @ The Beat

2) Tom Spurgeon @ Comics Reporter

3) J.C. Vaughn @ Diamond’s SCOOP

4) The cool Robot 6 folks @ Comic Resources

Plus an honorable mention to the website home of Joe Field’s Flying Colors store. (Free Comic Book Day was Joe’s idea.)


Jon Favreau and an iron man

Jon Favreau and an iron man


Suddenly and unexpectedly there was a spike in the number of readers checking out my post bitching and complaining about the mis-casting of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff (The Black Widow) in the second Iron Man movie. (CLICK HERE) Then I found out why. It seems that people found Funny Book Fanatic after searching for information about the subject after reading director Jon Favreau’s tweets on Twitter. (Makes me feel unnaturally in the loop because I know what that previous sentence means.)

Mrs. Peel in the suit that inspired the Black Widow's outfit

Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg) in the suit that inspired the Black Widow's outfit

It seems that Mr. Favreau was taking a few minutes from his busy directing duties to mention details about scenes involving Ms. Johansson costumed for the first time in the slick all-blue/black stolen-from-Emma-Peel suit that the Widow is famous for. It seems that this Twitter news hit cyberspace and suddenly renewed interest in the Scarlett/Natasha casting. And Funny Book Fanatic was there, thanks to the kind service of Yahoo, Google and other search engines.

On a related note, Favreau was also sending out tweets about the first scene in Iron Man 2 featuring Robert Downey Jr and Samuel L. Jackson working together (as Tony Stark and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD). For some pretty terrific and comprehensive coverage of this story, CLICK HERE.

A photosales website caught a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson on the set in his Nick Fury get-up and posted it on the internet. (CLICK HERE) There are only a small number of Fury/Jackson shots, but a whole slew of them featuring Robert Downey in costume, including shots inside a giant doughnut (?). Yeah, I know it is a doughnut retailer and I know it is a Los Angeles landmark and it was featured in a famous episode of The Simpsons, but it was more fun to think of Iron Man inside a giant doughnut.

Kate Mara previously appeared in Mark Wahlbergs SHOOTER

Kate Mara previously appeared in Mark Wahlbergs SHOOTER

Plus, let the speculation begin … who (oh who) is Kate Mara going to portray in Iron Man 2. She has been cast, but no one is talking yet about the character she is going to play. However, the early bets seem to be either Janet Van Dyn (the Wasp) or Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch). She might be perfectly fine for either part. Other speculation includes Bethany Cabe or SHIELD agent Maria Hill. The MTV blog even speculates that she might be SHIELD agent Sharon Carter (as a set-up for the Captain America movie). For my money, my daughter Maggie and I had pre-selected Rachel Leigh Cook to play The Wasp, but what do we know. CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.

Oh, yeah, no one has a picture of Johansson in the Black Widow costume yet, sorry.

That’s my version of the story.

          — Dave Olbrich (DWO) Mon. May 11, 2009

UPDATE July 21, 2009: I was feeling a little guilty about not including an actual picture of the dangerous-as-a-dishrag Ms. Johansson all dressed up in her “big girl” superhero outfit. So now that the first picture is out … the least I can do is post it. Too bad her red wig looks about as realistic as Raggedy Ann’s hair. Oh, well, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it all works out …but color me skeptical.




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4 responses to “IRON MAN 2 update including Johansson in a Black Widow suit

  1. Not sure how I feel about Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury. I guess as long as the back story isn’t that Jackson was a soldier in WWII, it’s not a problem, and I’d suspect that they’ll make him a Vietnam Vet.

    I don’t mind non-traditional casting as long as it doesn’t create historical anomalies.

  2. Dave Olbrich

    Pat !!!
    Where have you been? Have you been on vacation …or just hiding … or have I been boring you lately.
    — Dave

  3. I’ve had a back problem for the last two weeks which makes it painful to sit at my desk. I am thankful that it appears to be going away.

  4. Edie

    P. Curley:

    Either that, or you’re saying you expect him to be older? In which case, beg pardon. Lots of folks seem to forget that there were black soliders in WW2, so I thought I’d post this link.

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