Let the FOURTH ROUND voting for the 2nd String Character contest BEGIN!


Now that all FIVE of the 2nd String Character Hall of Fame Nominees have been introduced one-by-one, I’ve set up the voting box and you can vote for your favorite. Just check it out in the right hand side bar (you will have to scroll down past the “Saloon” and “Fanatical Hosting“). To see a lot more detail into this and all the previous nominees, check out the 2ND STRING HALL OF FAME PAGE linked above. To recap, the nominees are (alphabetically):

 • Big Barda (DC Hero)

• Lorna Dane (Marvel Hero)

• She-Dragon (Image Hero)

• Thundra (Marvel Hero/Villain)

• Vixen (DC Hero



colanmarleyintpageA painted interior page by Gene Colan from the Bob Marley comic. Enjoy!

That’s my version of the story. 

          — Dave Olbrich (DWO) Wed. May 6, 2009


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