Another John Buscema gem to hold you ’til Monday

When looking for the art for the New Year’s Day post, I found this beautiful example of John Buscema’s work on the AVENGERS and I simply had to post it. TWICE AS MANY PAGES! TWICE AS MANY THRILLS.avengersking2



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2 responses to “Another John Buscema gem to hold you ’til Monday

  1. Alan

    The Buscema/Palmer art has always been a favorite of mine. Clean and Dynamic. And the Giant Size Special has always been my favorite cover. Actually, my favorite cover of all time. I had the comic as a kid but…no more. I also really like the White Gorilla/Avenger cover. It amuses.

  2. Joe Jusko

    Albert Moy owns this. It’s my all time favorite Buscema cover, rivaled only by the awesome Buscema/Everett two page pinup inside!!! I remember buying this off the newsstand (I’m old) and have been mesmerized by it ever since. I do think the Hulk figure should be larger, though. :-)

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