Miscellaneous Monday: Dec. 22, 2008 (abbreviated)


creatureid1In the Summer of 1990, a title was released called  Creatures of the Id #1

Name the publishing company, the person serving as publisher, the creator behind the comic and the popular character (that currently has a movie optioned) that made its first appearance here?





The comic executive whose, “resume includes jobs at Eclipse, Dark Horse, Wildstorm and Todd McFarlane Entertainment” is, of course, the talented Ted Adams at IDW Publishing. He along with four partners founded IDW (Idea & Design Works) to be a creative services company in 1999. Under Ted’s guidance and with the help of a smart and creative staff, IDW has grown to a company with 20 full-time employees and 150+ freelancers. In 2007, Adams negotiated the sale of a majority interest in IDW to IDT’s Internet Mobile Group. IDW has been named ‘Publisher of the Year’ in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008 by Diamond Comic Distributors. Fanatic comic readers probably know IDW best for either their many licensed properties (like Transformers, Star Trek or G.I. Joe) or for well-received originals (like 30 Days of Night).


Periscope's Matthew Clark sketch of Batgril

Periscope's Matthew Clark sketch of Batgirl

Periscope Studios


Not your typical Blog, but one representing Periscope Studios. Portland, Oregon has long been a hot-bed of terrific comic book creative fire and a visit to this blog gives you access to a terrific roster of creative people, who may post at any moment without warning. More than 20 professionals are represented on the blog as “members” and you can check out the cool sample art they have posted on-line. Enjoy.

HOUSEKEEPING (that’s what they always call this stuff at professional seminars)

• this Miscellaneous Monday posting is abbreviated because of my travel back-and-forth to frigid Arizona this weekend. And now I’ve got to contend with the holiday season. Yeek.

• some internet linky love to “Tireless” Tom Spurgeon and his news blog The Comics Reporter for reading these humble fanatical ravings and letting his readers know we’re here.

• If you’re new to this blog, check out our archives and previous posts, there is a modest amount of cool stuff here, including musings about the Comics Code Authority, personal memories/stories featuring Jack Kirby, Alan Davis,  and Marv Wolfman, point-of-view ramblings about Norm Breyfogle and the origins of the variant cover phenomena,  a search for the first Marvel cover inked by Klaus Janson plus our on-going tournament and nominations for the 2nd string comic character Hall of Fame. (PLEASE VOTE!!!)

• take a second and check out our Fanatic Saloon links and the Fanatic Blog of the Month Nominees. You’ll be glad you did.

Marv Wolfman in cool shades

Marv Wolfman in cool shades

• Marv Wolfman sent me a message saying that he doesn’t remember feeling like he wanted to leave the comic business. He doesn’t dispute my story, but has no memory of doling out the advice I detailed HERE.

• Kim Thompson from Fantagraphics Books points out, “Credit for AMAZING HEROES should also be given to Mike Catron, who created the magazine (including the name) and edited the first six issues. I merely followed his lead as editor and then executive editor for the next 197 issues or so.” My official fanatical apologies to Mike Catron. No snub was intended. The record, I hope, has been set straight.

     — Dave Olbrich (DWO) Mon. Dec. 22, 2008



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