Welcome to my blog … can you believe it?

It was suggested to me that writing a blog would be a good idea. So here I am. 

It occurs to me while I’m sitting here writing this in the middle of the night that I’m an absolute novice at this. There is no plans to make this a personal blog, although I suspect that tons of personal junk will find its way into this blog.

The goal here is to talk about comics. Well, not really the books themselves or the characters. And not really news or recent developments, but about the stories behind the making of the comics during my years in the business, from Fantagraphics Books (editing Amazing Heroes) to Sunrise Distribution, to Malibu Comics, to Marvel Comics, to DoggWorks, to Humanoids Publishing. Sort of a combination of nostalgia and the story-behind-the-story. 

And just to whet your whistle … here is the color artwork from the Malibu Christmas card after the launch of the Ultraverse in June 1993. I can name all the books these characters appeared in, but I can’t name all the characters.

Wanna take a shot at it, feel free.1171265175_avyw5q8opv1

NEXT: Isn’t calling them “funny books” disrespectful ???



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9 responses to “Welcome to my blog … can you believe it?

  1. Jason Levine

    Dave, I actually can name all the characters on the post card. Some people can remember songs, some sports score… me, I am blessed/cursed with comic book knowledge. :)

  2. Jim Chadwick

    Dave, welcome to the world of blogging. Keep it up.

    Not to nit-pick on your first post, but I think you may have the year of this card incorrect. I remember helping to put this card together and I didn’t arrive at Malibu until June of 1993. So it may, in fact, have been the Xmas 93 card. By 1994 we were part of Marvel and I don’t even know if we did a holiday card, but I’m sure if we did Scott would have made us put Spider-Man or Thor or some other Marvel character in there.

  3. Dave Olbrich

    Jason —
    The titles were
    The Strangers
    The Exiles
    The Solution

    The Exiles character is Catapult.
    The Strangers character is Atom Bob
    What is that character’s name from The Solution?

  4. Dave Olbrich

    Jim —
    You are absolutely right. It was 1993.
    I should stop typing blog posts after midnight.

  5. And lo! There shall come … a Dwo!

  6. Jason Levine

    The character from Freex was Anything.
    The Strangers also have Zip-Zap there.
    And the character from the Solution is Tech.

    I have to free up some of the space in my brain… LOL

  7. Dave Olbrich

    Thanks for participating. And thanks for the help with the character names. Why don’t you write a funny or interesting anecdote about the people interacting at Malibu and I’ll see about posting it here in the spirit of the website’s goals.

  8. Tom Mason

    Okay, so I was there in the office during the great “Malibu Christmas Card” era and I don’t remember this one: who’s the character who looks like the offspring of Mr. Hanky and Al Capp’s Shmoo?

  9. Dave Olbrich

    As Jason pointed out, the brown thing with the open mouth is a character called “Anything” from FREEX.

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